Travel China Guide

User Research and Website Usability Report

Project Summary

Project Type

User Research, UX

My Role

Research, analysis and visual design of the usability report.


6 weeks in 2022


Quinnipiac University
M.S. Interactive Media & Communication

Team Members

Professor Bjorn Akselsen

Project Details

Travel China Guide (TCG) is a tour operator company for travelers wanting to visit China plus other parts of the world. The company, founded in 1998, is headquartered in the historic city of Xian, China. Over the years,the company has gained worldwide recognition through endorsements on popular platforms like Trip Advisor, National Geographic, and The New York Times.

In a highly competitive landscape where travelers have more trip booking options than ever, TCG must promote its expertise and competitive advantage quickly and clearly to potential customers. Since the company and website content have grown exponentially since their inception, there is an opportunity to learn from today’s users and implement research-backed updates to the website. The changes incorporated into the website based on the research insights will positively influence the user experience and the company’s continued growth and evolution.

This project aims to understand various user research methods and how they can be used to evaluate and improve an existing website. The scope of the work includes a mix of research planning, the conduction of some methods, analysis, and recommendations based on the findings. ‍

Please download the document below to read the report and discover all user research methods proposed and conducted.

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