Animated Logo Series

A collection of logos animated in After Effects.

Project Summary

Project Type

Just for Fun, Motion Graphics

My Role

Conceptualization and Execution


1 week in 2021


Quinnipiac University
M.S. Interactive Media & Communication


Professor Kent Golden

Project Details

As part of my Master's program, I took an animation class to develop new skills in motion graphics. Part of the course required us to identify a self-driven project and apply motion graphic skills and principles to creating something.

With a background in branding, I decided to take logos I had previously designed and explore ways to animate them. For each logo, I sketched rough ideas for how I could animate it based on what I wanted to communicate. I didn't have a lot of prior experience in After Effects, so my technical knowledge was minimal when I began. But as I became more familiar with the program, it opened up additional ideas for how to animate my designs. It was a great lesson in allowing solutions to derive from both creative thinking and technical knowledge.

Project Objective
In one week, take five of my existing logo designs, and create a fitting animation for each one. Throughout the process, explore different animation principles and incorporate various After Effects techniques.

The Collection

After several tutorials, lots of trial and error, and a handful of discouraging moments, I'm happy to have completed the challenge and even exceeded the amount of logos I initially set out to animate. Below is the final collection.


Pipsqueak is a curated online boutique of well-designed & well-made clothing, toys, and decor for kids. Pipsqueak is playful, designed, curated, eccentric, and whimsical.


Hearsay is an online language exchange platform for people wanting to connect with others in their city and practice learning a new language. Hearsay is global, friendly, energetic, inclusive, and open-minded.

The Collagist

The Collagist is an interactive board game for adults that takes the mess and stress out of collaging. The Collagist is timeless, elevated, mature, and magical.

Historic Shanghai

Historic Shanghai exists to preserve "Shanghai's unique history by raising awareness and appreciation of the city's remarkable built heritage and social and cultural history." Historic Shanghai is educated, inquisitive, investigative, and classic, yet modern.

Money Kit

Money Kit is a personalized educational platform that teaches millennials financial literacy to achieve higher levels of financial well-being. The platform provides an expert-based, step-by-step economic path toward financial literacy. Money Kit is friendly, educational, goal-oriented, and optimistic.

Animated gif of the Money Kit logo.


Planted is an app that helps you find the right plant for your environment and lifestyle. It populates the best plant matches for your preferences and explains how to care for your new plants. Planted is approachable, patient, uplifting and inviting.


I am surprised by how much progress I have made in such a short amount of time. In one week, I went from feeling intimidated upon opening After Effects to gaining a new level of comfort and curiosity as I worked my way through the project. I learned getting started on a new endeavor can be more intimidating than the endeavor itself. Learning something new will always be challenging, but nothing beats the feeling of self-accomplishment that comes with even the most minor steps of progress and witnessing yourself grow.